Cancellation & Booking Fee Policy!

Our cancellation policy outlines how to cancel or amend a booking with us. Upon booking an appointment you will have paid a booking fee. This booking fee secures your appointment day, date, time and service.

The cancellation policy comes into effect if you have to cancel or change your appointment. If you have to cancel your appointment and give us 48 hours (or more) notice your booking fee will be unaffected. This means that you can either have your booking fee returned or you can use it to secure your next booking with us.

If you cancel with less than 48 hours notice then you will LOOSE your booking fee and will have to pay another booking fee for a future booking.

If you make a booking with us and don’t arrive to the appointment you will LOOSE your booking fee and will be expected to pay another booking fee at a higher rate to make a future appointment.

The reason we have introduced this as a cancellation policy is because when appointments are missed or cancelled with no notice we are unable to fill the spaces and therefore are loosing money. As a business we need to protect our teams jobs and when we have lots of last minute cancellations or no shows we still have the team to pay and bills to pay.

We totally understand that things happen last minute that cannot be avoided and if this happens to you and you cannot make your appointment, please call us and we will make a decision as to what happens with the booking fee based on the circumstances of each individual.

Please make sure you respond to the text reminder we send you 48 hours prior to your appointment. This is not an option for you to cancel your booking its a gentle reminder that you have a booking with us in 48 hours time. Every message we send you costs us money and if you would prefer not to have a reminder we can remove you from the reminder list.

If we text remind you and you don’t respond we will call you the same day, if you don’t answer or call us back to confirm your booking unfortunately we will remove your booking and offer it to someone else. Again in this situation you will LOOSE your booking fee.

You can contact us via – replying to the text message, calling us, emailing us, facebook or instagram, salon mobile (07392157220) or leaving a voicemail if we don’t answer the salon landline

Booking Fee Policy

Our Booking Fee Policy was introduced in July 2020 right after the lockdown. It means that in order to BOOK an appointment with us you need to pay a booking fee to reserve the time in our diary.

A booking fee will be taken from anyone making an appointment with us before we create the booking. The booking fee’s are as follows:

£20 for a Cut & Blow Dry
£40 for a Colour & Cut
£10 for Nails
£8 for Beauty Services and Blow Drys
£8 Mens Cut

We introduced booking fees to avoid people not showing up for appointments or cancelling appointments at the very last minute. As a business we have to protect our time and having appointments booked in the diary and then the booking not be attended has a massive impact on the business income and the teams salary. We fully understand when things happen last minute and you cannot attend but no shows are an absolute nightmare and we cannot plan for it. Please see our cancellation policy in regards to what will happen if you need to cancel or change your appointment.