Up to date information in relation to the current COVID19 pandemic

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COVID 19 – information

Here you will find the most up-to-date information we have in relation to the current cOVID 19 situation that affects BCS and how we are operating.

This page will be updated with news and information as soon as we have it.

Please make sure you check back regularly.

26th June 2020

As you are more than likely aware – we have finally been given a date that we can re-open!

Our date is Saturday 4th July.

Here is all the information you will need regarding visiting us once we re-open. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. Our phones are not being manned at the minute but you can reach us via email.

Salon staff memeber wearing full PPE. Face mask, visor, apron. Stood facing the camera in the main part of the salon.

Saturday 4th & Sunday 5th July – patch test party.

The weekend has been reserved for patch testing.

During lock-down we have changed colour brands and are now working with Joico, this means anyone that has colour with us will need a patch test, we will be calling you to book this so please don’t panic, we will schedule this for you.

While attending your patch test appointment we will discuss your colour options, we will be asking you lots of questions about what has been happening with your hair during lock-down – please be honest with us – we won’t judge you, we need to know so that we can make a great colour choice for you. If you have coloured your hair at home, that’s absolutely fine – we may need to do some tests on your hair prior to your appointment, we can do this on the day of your patch test.


We have adjusted our opening hours for the next few months – see opening times on our homepage.

We are also super excited to announce we have a new team member starting with us when we re-open. Her name is Georgia and she is a gorgeous girl with so much talent. We can’t wait for you to meet her. Georgia will be part of our new talent team.


We will be calling everyone who has missed an appointment between Saturday 21st March and Saturday 4th July, we are going through the diary in order of the days. Everyone that has added themselves to the waiting list will be called after this. Please be patient, we will be calling, there are over 1000 missed appointments we need to reschedule so bear with us.

When booking you will be asked for a booking fee to secure the appointment (if you already made payment for a booking fee prior to lock-down, this still stands and is on your account – this means you won’t be asked for the booking fee).

Our phone lines are not currently manned so please don’t call us, we will be accepting calls from Saturday 4th July onwards.

If you hear of your friend that has received a call before you, don’t worry, we are working our way through the book and will get to you asap!

48 hrs prior to your appointment

2 Days prior to your appointment we will be calling you to ask you a series of questions relating to COVID-19. This is to make sure you are fit & well to attend your appointment. We ask that you answer all questions honestly and we will require your signature on arrival to the appointment to confirm your answers are still accurate.

If you are unwell we ask that you do not attend your appointment and let us know with a minimum of 24 hours notice, your booking fee will roll over to your next appointment if you give us enough notice. If you fail to give us notice and miss your appointment you will lose your booking fee.

sanitation area in a salon. Showing barbicide, hand sanitiser, sanitising wipes, white roll and tissues with a green plant in the background.

On arrival

The day has finally arrived

We know how excited you will be, us too – we cannot wait to see you, however, there are a few things that are going to be a little different this time.

  1. Firstly – we don’t have our waiting area open – this means you will need to wait in your car or outside the building until we are ready for you to enter.
  2. Secondly – we cannot serve you a lovely drink – the only thing we can offer you is water in a disposable cup.
  3. Thirdly – we will be providing you with a face mask to wear for the duration of your visit – you may wear your own if you have one.

You will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival – hand washing facilities are available if you would prefer to wash.

You will be allocated a space for your entire appointment, we ask that you stay in your space at all times – unless you need a loo break. We do have outdoor seating if the weather is nice and you would prefer to be outside, you can also remove your mask while you are outside.

Please attend your appointment alone.

Your stylist/colourist will have prepared a kit especially for you, all items will have been thoroughly sanitised prior to your arrival. Your kit will include a disposable gown, towel, face mask, combs, and brushes to use on you throughout, tissues (should you need them), and your own cup (again if you need it).

Please do not bring any unnecessary items with you to the salon, this includes your laptop/iPad, extra bags, shopping, or extra people!

We will not be offering magazines to read.

You will need to keep your coat & bag with you in your allocated space, we won’t be handling coats so if you don’t need one, leave them at home.

Your appointment with us will be restricted for the first few weeks, we won’t be able to do huge colour jobs or extra long appointments as we are following the government guidelines regarding time spent in the salon. Don’t worry we will be able to give you beautiful hair, it may just need to be spread over the next few months.

Each appointment now has an additional 15 minutes allocated to it, this is to allow us to thoroughly sanitise the space where you have been placed for your visit, this means you can be assured that the space you will be seated in for your appointment is clean, sanitised and fresh for you. This has been reflected in our prices so please check our latest price menu.

Your stylist will be wearing a visor throughout the service.

Leaving the salon

We ask where possible for you to make payment via contactless. We have several ways in which you can do this including a bank transfer (while you are sat in the chair), a link we can send you to make payment online – from your phone, card terminal or PayPal.

If you require home care to take away, we will add this to your bill before payment and have your goodies ready for you to collect on your way out.

We have staggered all entry and departure times meaning we can adhere to the social distancing rules at all times.

We may ask you to pre-book your next appointment while you are sat in your chair, this is to reduce the people at the reception, your stylist/colourist will bring the portable appointment book to you so no need for you to move. If you cannot do that we ask that you call us to make your next appointment.

As always we value you so very much, we would love you to leave us a review on our social media about your back to BCS experience. We appreciate it will be a nervous time for some of you but we promise we are doing everything we possibly can to make sure both you and our team are as safe as possible. It would be great for us if you could share your experience to help other people who may be feeling a little apprehensive about their visit.

Thank you

We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support and messages over the past few months, it has been extremely hard for us not being able to do what we love, not being able to see your lovely faces and not being able to create beautiful hair.

We cannot wait to get the doors open again. While in lock-down it has made us really evaluate everything we do and we have made BCS an even better place for you. We have introduced a brand new colour and home care line, we have opened our online store, we have had a little refurbish and introduced some new bits and pieces, we have completed numerous courses covering everything from colour techniques, social media, mental health, wig making, staying cOVID safe, Dermalogica guru and massage techniques and many many more.

We are your salon, we are here for you and we will give you beautiful hair once again!

Thank you from all of us and we cannot wait to see you!

Team BCS x
Grey salon chair with super clean white bench and mirror on top of the bench. BCS banner in the reflection of the mirror.

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