Nails, Nails, Nails!

They are on show ALL THE TIME!

Over the years we have worked with many gel colour ranges and have always felt they are missing something. Not any more! We have found the ONE! It feels like a marriage, gel colour that is shiny, long lasting, beautiful and highly pigmented. We are hooked!

Why have gel colour?

There is always that awkward time when you paint your nails with polish and then the phone rings or you need the loo. The polish smudges or your super careful and its ok but the following day it chips!! There is nothing more annoying. Gel colour polish is the best invention since sliced bread and now that we have partnered with gel Bottle we are loving everything nail related. This long lasting, highly pigmented colour has the most amazing shine that lasts for weeks!

Us hairdressers are the worst for chipped nails, our hands are constantly wet from shampooing your lovely hair and although its amazing for you our nails take a serious hit. We have finally found our solution and that is gel Bottle colour. With over 360 colours available (we don’t have them all yet) and the 30 minute application theres nothing quite like it.

At your appointment we will prep your nails, paint with your chosen colour, cure in the UV lamp and after your topcoat has cured you are good to go. Completely dry, incredibly shiny and long lasting means you don’t need to come back until at least 2-3 weeks!

If you want the best nails in town then drop us a message and get yourself booked in. Because we want as many of you to try out gel Bottle as possible we are giving everyone who books for October 2021 a complimentary blow dry with every gel Bottle appointment. Not only that we have it on a special price for £15, WOW we hear you say ‘how do i book?’. Drop us a message on our socials, email us or pick up the phone and give us a call.

One thing that we ask of you after your appointment……….You post on your socials and share this revolutionary gel treatment with your friends.

Team BCS xxx