Our commitment to sustainability

Our environment is always at the forefront of our minds.

We have always looked for ways for our salon to be as sustainable as possible. We hate having to send items to landfills. We hate having to use single-use items and we hate what effect PPE is having on the world we live in today.

We have found a solution! Green Salon Collective – we have partnered with this amazing company to reduce our waste by 99%!

We now recycle the un-recyclable!


Almost all items we use in the salon have (until now) been un-recyclable. We have been looking at ways to change this. The solution is a collaboration with Green Salon Collective.

We can now recycle 99% of our salon waste.


A shocking 20% of plastic in the UK gets recycled. Green Salon Collective will be working with the Precious Plastic machines to create new items.


All PPE will be turned into clean energy.


Your hair will now make mats that can soak up oil spills in the ocean. A haircut can now help save the environment.

plastic bottle with the word plastic in heavy text and green salon collective logo under it
blue mask with the letters PPE in bold and green salon collective logo under it
hair illustration with the word hair in bold and green salon collective logo under it